We'll Can Help Plan the Foundation

Henry's Concrete are experts in residential concrete construction.  We can help review plans regarding concrete foundations and provide knowledgable insight.  We offer free estimates and can help you decide on the on the right option.

Snow Removal VehiclesWe have done small and large scale projects.  Round homes and square homes.  Homes with concrete walls, patios and driveways.

We are often called upon to perform a third party review.  This is not unlike a second opinion at the doctors.  As a thrid party reviewer, we can provide a non-bias and professional review of current projects at any stage.  They can be projects by another concrete construction firm or something you may be doing on your own.

Call Henry's Concrete and set up an oppointment for any of these services:

  • Free Estimates when you use the services of Henry's Concrete
  • Third party review and inspection
  • Plan review
  • Design consultation