Snow Removal

Henry's is Tough on Snow and Ice!

Snow Removal VehiclesIn the Lakes Region of Maine, snow and ice are an everyday part of the landscape during the winter.  The weather can make travel difficult to manage as soon as you step out your front door.  Henry's winter snow removal offers dependability, expertise and safety.

We have several mid to large size vehicles and equipment, which allows us to plow with efficiency.  We are working throughout the day beginning early in the morning to help ensure you can begin your commute at your normal pace.

We offer several services available on per-service or per-contract basis.

Drive-ways, road ways, and parking lots are all easily handled by our experienced staff.

As an option, we can assist with most shoveling needs.

An additional option to plowing, salting and sanding can help to prevent ice and snow from building up long after the plows have left.